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Most frequent questions and answers
There are freelancers, remote workers and business owners that have desks at Abington Avenue and they are all lovely. We have never had any disputes between the members of the space and we strive to continue this culture.
All the essentials. The payment is fixed and it includes; your desk, cleaning, electricity, internet and all insurances – except for your personal items (we recommend insuring these should you be leaving them over night)
We have screens between desks if they are facing toward each other. Cleaners deep clean twice per week and caddies are located at all high touch locations. 
Seats are two metres apart and the number of people within the building is limited. 
We are following government guidance and should you want to see our risk assessments you are more than welcome to. 
Contracts are license agreements with the landlord; they roll on indefinitely until you decide to terminate it. You can exercise this option at any time, no questions asked and this will trigger a three month notice period. 
Due to the small number of people this is a ‘come and go as you please’ service so you will have access 24/7.
Yes. There is a one month deposit that will be returned to you so long as you fullfil your 3 month notice period.
Yes! Parking is great around this area during the day. We also have a private car park for up to 8 cars.